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  • Subpoenas
  • Writs
  • Evictions
  • Dissolution of Marriage
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​We specialize in prompt, diligent service of legal process and comprehensive investigative research including:

Platinum Process Serving & Investigation

  • Skip Traces
  • Background Searches
  • ​Asset Searches
  • Criminal History
  • ​Address History
  • Surveillance 
  • ​Bank Account and Insurance Searches
  •  Daily  Service to CT Corporation

Dedication to Excellence

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​Platinum Process Serving & Investigation

Our investigative partner, Eagle Six Group, LLC,  Florida Agency License A 1300257,  is world class and headed by a former Federal Agent who has transferred his unique talents to the private sector.  You can be confident that whether you need to physically locate an individual or just obtain crucial information, we will  provide you with the deepest level of  discovery obtainable.

Our process servers are sheriff appointed and court certified professionals dedicated to their craft.  Their role as court officers and their oath to diligently discharge the duties of serving legal process ensures that the service of your documents are of the utmost priority.  

8930 W. State Road 84, Suite 340, Fort Lauderdale, FL  33324  (754) 423-0075

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We are located 1.1 miles from CT Corporation  and can easily add your documents to be served to our daily run.

Need your documents served at CT Corporation?  We practically live there!

We're proud to offer the latest advancements in technology to ensure that our clients receive the maximum in efficient detailed service.

Our process is designed to be interactive, providing our clients with access to real time status.  Utilizing smartphone technology, our servers have the capability to update our system instantly with detailed attempt and/or service information including photos of the subject premises and GPS coordinates.  Our clients have the option of being notified by e-mail of each attempt or only when their document has actually been served. Every customer receives a personal username and password to be used at our website to check the status of all  their documents out for service.

(754) 423-0075